2 Facebook Page Changes You Should Be Aware Of

Facebook recently announced that Pages will receive their long overdue makeover. This plan was originally announced in 2013 and rolled out to mobile devices then. The desktop versions are now catching up.
What does this mean for you and your Page? Several things.
1. The size of the cover image is going to change a little bit so you may need to readjust your text placement. 
2. If you have personalized tabs, they are now going to be hidden under the ‘More’ tab. If you run custom campaigns through your tabs (like the Chevrolet example above) you will need to put even more focus on posting about these efforts on your timeline. 
While these changes may seem to be big deals, and they do need to be edited and monitored, you must always remember most fan interaction on Facebook takes place in the newsfeed. Once they have liked you, chances are they will never go back to your actual page again. TWEET THIS
Three other changes to look out for:
3. Your Page timeline on the page itself will now have a single column of content. It will now resemble your personal profile.
4. Posts will now be in chronological order only. You have now lost the ability to highlight posts or move posts to the top of the page. No fan ever noticed you doing either of these so this is not a big deal either.
5. Your About section, photo, and video links will now be on the left side. You’ll notice a better call-out for your website address as well.
What should you be worried about with these changes?
Nothing really if you are using your page on a daily basis to reach your customers and prospects. If you aren’t well things are going to be different on your end but not from the fans perspective. They probably aren’t seeing your content anyway. TWEET THIS
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Thanks for the time!
It appears Facebook has changed their minds again. Tabs will now appear in the right column under ‘Apps’ as shown on Facebook’s own Facebook page. If I say Facebook one more time here Beetlejuice might appear…

Gus Wagner

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