Gus Wagner

Speaker, presenter, and trainer for events, conferences, and organizations. My mission is to educate, inform, and entertain your audiences. If you need a keynote speaker, a private corporate presentation, or a custom training session, Gus Wagner is ready to launch a talk for you.

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The Past

I’ve been to thousands of professional events, conferences, and speeches in my life and many of them have the same problem: the audience isn’t listening. When I began speaking in public many moons ago, I promised I would never be like that guy no one was listening to.

The Present

I’ve held that promise through my political career. I’ve worked with hundreds of audiences and organizations across the Midwest in the last several years presenter, speaker, and trainer, representing my own company and ideas.

The Future

I am ready to work with you to develop a presentation covering what your audience actually wants to learn about. I’ll incorporate your goals, keeping the room engaged and interested.

Popular Topics

AstroNetTurfRoots: Gus Wagner uses his decades of experience in politics, online marketing, and government to build AstroNetTurfRoots programs that build online audiences that respond to real world calls to action.

Educate, Inform, Entertain: If the content, message, and communications of your organization aren’t accomplishing one of the three every time, you are failing. Gus Wagner will show you how to create an atmosphere of learning and sharing which audiences will respond to.

Help Before You Sell: If you are only offering discounts and coupons with your content, how do you think your audience will respond? Gus Wagner will show you how to build an audience while protecting your profit margin.

Individual, beginner-, and advanced- level classes on each social media platform: If you need training on social media platforms for a specific campaign, your organization, or even yourself, you probably need to get it from five-time certified social media strategist, Gus Wagner.

Launch Your Rocket: Whether it’s a business or a campaign, there is just as much work before and after the launch as during. Gus Wagner uses anecdotes of his own success stories – and misfires – in business, politics, and government to show you how to reach the stars and return to earth.

Launch Your Success Story: Geared for individuals and individual ideas, this presentation from Gus Wagner talks about the evolving professional journeys of notable historical figures, his own success story, and the technology which evolved along with both.

LikeAPalooza: The endless pursuit of vanity metrics such as Likes, Follows, and +1’s have led many businesses, organizations, and nonprofits to fail or fall behind at social media. Gus Wagner discusses what you should truly pursue when it comes to modern forms of communication.

Share Then Like: Hitting the Like button is the easiest thing to do online, but the most powerful action is to share. Your mission as a business, organization, or nonprofit is to create content audiences want to share. Gus Wagner will teach you how to do this.

Small Town Social Media: Businesses, organizations, and nonprofits from areas without city limit signs are able to compete internationally thanks to the digital evolution. Learn from their success stories and how the world is one big small town in this inspirational talk with Gus Wagner.

Social Media 101: An entry level course covering the establishment of accounts and profiles on the Big 6 platforms, first steps for new profiles, and beginning strategies. Perfect for businesses, organizations, and nonprofits getting started or retooling their efforts. Led by five-time certified social media strategist Gus Wagner. Available as a one-time or ongoing training course.

Social Media 201: You have your profiles up…now what? Here is where the strategy and analysis begins. Learn how to strategically create and curate content, the 80-10-10 rule, and who the audience of your business, organization, or nonprofit REALLY is. Gus Wagner, a five-time certified social media strategist, is ready to help you launch your social media success story. Available as a one-time or ongoing training course.

Social Media 301: Designed for communication professionals who are dedicated to creating an ongoing success story on social media for their business, organization, or nonprofit. This advanced course will provide in-depth coverage into strategy, content creation, audience identification, advertising, analytics, and scaling your operation. Five-time certified social media strategist Gus Wagner leads this ongoing course.

Thumbstoppable: Hundreds of thousands of posts and tweets are made across the Big 6 Social Media Platforms. What is your content doing to stop people from scrolling past it in newsfeeds to see more funny animal videos? Learn the elements of content creation – in words and pictures – from five-time certified social media strategist Gus Wagner.

Every presentation includes new content and specific information for and about the audience at hand. Additional topics and extremely customized content are also available.

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