3 Things We Don’t Believe About Social Media Any Longer

Let’s talk about three common misconceptions surrounding social media. With decades of experience in this ever-evolving field, we’ve come to realize that some long-standing beliefs no longer hold true. So, let’s dive into these myths and set the record straight!

  1. Cross-Posting Is a Bad Thing – No, It’s Not.
    In the past, cross-posting, which involves sharing the same content across multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, was seen as a faux pas. However, times have changed. Your audience isn’t following you on all platforms simultaneously, and they consume content at different times. Cross-posting actually saves you time and effort as a publisher. So, feel free to share your content across platforms without fear!
  2. Organic Reach is Important – No, It’s Not.
    Gone are the days when publishing a post would automatically reach a significant portion of your followers. Organic reach, which refers to the number of people who see your posts without paid promotion, has plummeted to below 5% on various social media platforms. To ensure your content reaches your intended audience, investing in social media advertising is crucial. The good news is that you can start with as little as a dollar a day on many platforms. By investing in yourself and your content, you’ll reach both your existing audience and potential prospects.
  3. The Platforms are Different – No, They Aren’t
    While each social media platform has its unique quirks and caters to different audiences, the fundamental concept remains the same across platforms. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, people are scrolling through their newsfeeds, engaging with stories and reels, and consuming various types of content. As platforms compete and evolve, they become more similar in functionality. It’s important to identify the platform that aligns with your target audience and focus your efforts there. And for most cases, Facebook remains the go-to platform due to its large user base and the extensive time spent there by users.

So, why focus on Facebook? The numbers speak for themselves. It boasts the most extensive user base, the lowest barrier to entry, and continues to attract users who spend significant amounts of time on the platform. If you’re aiming to reach a broad audience with your content, Facebook should be your primary focus.

We hope that debunking these social media myths has shed some light on the ever-changing landscape. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please drop them in the comments below or reach out to us via direct message or email. We’re here to assist you on your social media journey.

Gus Wagner

Gus Wagner is the President.Owner of The Rocket Group – an award-winning marketing and communications firm. The Rocket Group has specialized in building effective tools across traditional means and new media for clients in businesses, organizations, and nonprofits since 2001. Gus is also a five-time certified Social Media Strategist, a former Chief of Staff in the Missouri State Senate, a retired national champion amateur hockey coach, and a would like to be a singer/songwriter. His Welsh Corgi, Taffy, lets Gus and his wife, Farrah Fite, live with her in Jefferson City, Missouri.