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Authors! We aren’t authors ourselves (yet) but we respect the time and talent it takes to create a book AND the hustle it takes to get it out to your readers.

Let us help you connect with the audience who will build up your social numbers, add themselves to your email list, and make the purchase of your current and future published works!

We can also connect you to podcasters who are looking for guests just like you! Our management services are $500/month to start, plus a budgeted, affordable, and agreed-upon, ad spend. We build the content, the campaigns, and provide you all the reporting you could need. 

Let’s launch a great success story for you!

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Gus Wagner

Why I love using The Rocket Group!

The short version – they deliver what they say they deliver! If you need help with social media strategy, branding, and graphic design, The Rocket Group is for you!

The long version – as an author, I know how to write. I do not know how to build a social media presence, create branding, update my website, or market myself. Lucky for me, The Rocket Group does. Gus and his team helped with all of these as they understood the nuances and benefits of strategic advertising that created an audience tailored for me. Unlike some others, The Rocket Group does not use a cookie cutter approach. Gus got to know me so my social media presence has my vibe all over it, even though his team does the work! They collaborated with me, every step of the way. The Rocket Group offers help that is as involved as you want, to any level. For me this meant – do all of the technical work for me – and they did!

And if you are one of those “I need proof” people. The Rocket Group turns over reports that show your website traffic, your post data, etc. My posts went from 50 or so interactions to upwards of 25K interactions. The Rocket Group is a must for anyone who is an expert at their craft, but not an expert at getting their craft out to the world! I can’t recommend highly enough!

Taylor Stilwell

"How to Kill Your Ex-Husband And Not Get Caught!"

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