• Social Media Trends for 2017

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  • What’s in the Go Bag 2016

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  • How Has Facebook Helped You?

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  • Best Practices for Livestreaming

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    In preparation for a presentation at #MRJBC with the Missouri Realtors, Gus Wagner livestreamed this Periscope video covering best practices for livestreaming and changes coming down the road in the near future.
    Be sure to connect with us here on Periscope for more livestreaming and interactive goodness!
  • Changing What You See in Your LinkedIn Newsfeed

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    The LinkedIn newsfeed can be rather confusing and seem out of date. There is an almost hidden way to control what you see and Gus Wagner will show you in this screencast video.
  • Creating Rockstar Excitement in Your Audiences

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    You probably think you, or your business, organization, or nonprofit are a rockstar at what you do. That’s cool. Let’s talk about how to get your audience to believe that you are as well.
    Gus Wagner of The Rocket Group covers this topic in a Periscope video.

  • Creating First Impressions on Twitter

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    When you encounter new competitors, peers, or unknowns on Twitter, one of the first thing to do is to check out their list of followers to see who they are attracting. Too often, a bad first impression is made because their follower list is full of junk and spammers. This is an obvious sign they bought their followers and are tweeting into an empty room. Gus Wagner discusses the topic at length in this video and blog.

    Need help figuring out the world of followers and fans and subscribers in social media? Give us a shout anytime and let’s talk about what you’d like to achieve in your audiences!
  • Claim Your Facebook Places for Your Facebook Page

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    When checking into Places on Facebook, or urging others to do so, we often run into the issue of businesses with duplicate Pages. Turns out it happened to us again as well.
    The video above will walk you through the process of correcting this error which occurred through no fault of your own. What happens is that someone, at some point, couldn’t find your page through Facebook search and created a new named page for you. Either that, or Facebook did it themselves. Or it was the aliens.
    Anyway, its important to merge these pages together if you don’t want to have confused fans sending their Facebook friends to the wrong place. Not sure if this is an issue for you, use Facebook’s search bar to find out how many pages there are with your company name in them and claim any that are linked to your actual business.
    I’m actually still waiting on Facebook to get back with me on the claim I made in this video. Perhaps you will have faster luck!