How Do You Determine the Best Services for Clients?

When we look at the marketing needs for a customer or client we spend a lot of time evaluating.

First we run a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, and Threats) review of your current operations and market position.

Then we evaluate your current or missing tools, if any, and their power in retaining and attracting customers and prospects. At the same time we are building profiles of your current customer base to evaluate how many additional prospects there are in your universe which the new tools will work to attract them.

We also have to spend time evaluating your internal resources when it comes to managing the new website or other marketing tools we intend to build for you and how much training or management it will take for your future way of communicating. We take your ability to be able to be nimble and respond to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of pieces of new business very seriously.

Of course we also have to look at your budget for the project – not to put money in our pocket – but to give you the biggest bang for the buck.

So the answer to the question would be evaluation!

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