How Do You Stay Informed of Changes in Your Industry?

This is a very good question. Staying on top of the multiple-times-a-day changes in the world of modern marketing is almost a full-time job. It does take a couple of hours a day of reading and testing but the work is always worth it to stay caught up.

I don’t mind sharing a couple of my sources with you. You have the same internet as me and kind find them just as easily as I do. It’s the utilization that may separate us!

When it comes to social media, I stay connected to two of my key sources (among many others) in Social Media Examiner and Hootsuite who publish breaking news and best practice content multiple times a day. They are also the places I have 4 of my 5 social media certifications from.

I am also plugged into more than 20 blogs and news sites on a daily basis. TechCrunchRead Write WebJon Loomer, and even Mashable still provide readers with daily insight and laboratory results on web and social marketing which I find useful. There are dozens more so look to our Facebook and Twitter feeds to see what we are sharing there for additional sources.

Speaking of Twitter, its my main go-to for all information like news, sports and weather but especially business and marketing information. Check out my follow list and see if you find anyone interesting.

Of course, the best source of information is always IRL. Anytime I can have real world interactions with clients, peers, and influencers I jump at the opportunity.

So let me leave this edition of the FAQ with a question for you: What do you do to stay ahead in your particular corner of the world? Hit this to tweet your answer