How long have you been in business?

Hi friends, Gus Wagner here with the Rocket Group. We’re contacted several times a day about the services we offer and the businesses we work with so we thought we’d answer some of the frequently asked questions we get here. 

One of the questions we’re asked is about how long we have been in business. Well, we have been in business since 2001. Before that I spent almost a decade in sales and marketing management roles for two different manufacturing companies. Combining that history with many years of charitable, civic, and political involvement I decided to launch my own venture.

In the more than a dozen years of being in business as the Rocket Group, I’m proud to say we’ve grown alongside the businesses we’ve been fortunate enough to work with. 

The Rocket Group was launched to use the online space as a marketing tool, and has been a forerunner of utilizing social media to bring awareness, engagement and business opportunities to clients throughout Missouri. We’ve even used social media platforms for political candidates and government-sponsored operations as well. 

A lot has changed on the Web since 2001, especially the way consumers are using the online and social spaces for communicating and engaging with brands. The Rocket Group has evolved, adapted and revolutionized how businesses here in mid-Missouri reach current and potential consumers through creative and customizable content. 

Social is now the fuel to the marketing fire that propels The Rocket Group. We look forward to launching success stories with you. 

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