What industries do you have experience in?

Hi friends, Gus Wagner here with The Rocket Group answering some of the frequently asked questions we receive.

One of the questions that came across my inbox today was asking about the industries we work with, so I thought I’d shed some light on the various businesses and individuals we’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with over the past dozen years.

Having spent 12 years in the tool and die manufacturing sector, we have worked with incredible companies producing products such as surgical instruments and parts that go into the assembly process of airplanes and automobiles, and consumer goods. It was fascinating to me, as I have always enjoyed seeing things built from conception to completion, and it’s a fascination that I’ve carried over with me when I founded The Rocket Group in 2001.

Since then, we’ve worked with clients large and small; from Fortune 100 companies such as MasterCard and Phillips 66, to smaller clients like a local comic book store and non-profit agencies such as the Boys & Girls Club here in Jefferson City.

While the scope of our expertise is vast, it’s our flexibility to meet the solutions and goals with each different customer that truly makes The Rocket Group unique. We know that while each customer is different, the quality and the service you will get from The Rocket Group is the same for every customer we work with.

For more on the solutions we offer and how we can help reach your goals, connect with us here online at http://rocketgroupllc.com/.