What is your experience working with small and medium sized businesses?

Hi friends, Gus Wagner here with The Rocket Group. We get several contacts a day about the services we offer and the businesses we work with, along with some nutty ones along the way, so we thought we’d answer some of the frequently asked questions we get here.

One of the questions that came across my inbox today is a question we’re asked a lot, “What is your experience working with local Missouri companies?”

Being here in Jefferson City, we have access to clients in mid-Missouri, but we have also worked with customers in St. Louis, Columbia and Kansas City over the years. We’ve even taken our talents to the bootheel and down to Springfield, so we’ve covered some ground here in the Show-Me-State. 

Our range of projects has taken us into the Fortune 100 with clients like Phillips 66 and MasterCard with Missouri-based projects and small businesses with only one or two employees across the Show- Me State. Our focus is on our home state and we really try to stay within her borders.

We’ve done analysis of the student sentiment at Stephens College in Columbia, we’ve worked with tool and die shops in St. Louis, we’ve even worked and partnered with other agencies managing sponsorship agreements of live events in Kansas City and across Missouri. Down in Springfield, we’ve had a proud and strong history in our political efforts, as southwestern Missouri has maintained a legacy of being the conservative bellwether part of the state. I was actually the Chief of Staff for a Missouri state senator that represented the 20th district of Webster, Christian, Douglas and parts of Greene County for 8 years. I’ve worn both collars and several different hats in my career, so that lends a certain amount of knowledge and credibility when it comes to working with the different clients we have here at The Rocket Group. 

While The Rocket Group is based here in Jefferson City, the scope of our work covers the entire state of Missouri. We’re nestled in between two major routes of interstate commerce that connects us to the urban centers of our state and the educational hubs in Columbia, Springfield and Cape Girardeau. We’ve worked with all types of companies and various efforts over the past dozen years, so when it comes to a marketing agency that can take your online and social needs to new heights, contact The Rocket Group.

For more on our products and services, visit us at http://rocketgroupllc.com/ Thanks for your questions, and keep them coming!