What is Your Job at The Rocket Group?

That’s a question I hear pretty often. The short answer is that we help our clients in business, politics, and government find—and connect to—their audiences using words, pictures, and ideas. We do that through training, building, creating, and developing. Here’s what I mean:

We Train

We train our clients in public speaking, social media, content development, and media management. Does your organization or business have another training need related to marketing, social media, or advocacy? Let us know! We’d love to help.

We Build

We build content, content plans, social media plans, marketing plans, and messages that help our clients succeed. Not sure what we mean by “content”? Content can be words, photos, graphics, or videos that help you connect with your audience and tell your story to them.

We Create

We create all of that content. Do you need video content? We can help. Written content? We can definitely help. Graphics? We have a great graphic design team. Websites? We create those, too.

We Develop

We develop advocacy and grassroots campaigns through our signature #AstroNetTurfRoots program

If you need help finding or connecting with your audiences, give us a shout. The Rocket Group has been round since 2001, and we’re here to help you launch your success story today.