What Makes You Different From Other Marketing Companies?

What we do here at The Rocket Group is not unique and mostly not world-changing. There are a ton of companies which write flowery words and make pretty pictures for print and web use. We are a bit different.

First, one of our tenets of operation is to help before anything else. Have a question? We’ll get you the answer. Need an opinion, a trouble-shoot, a piece of institutional knowledge? We’ll help you and then we can talk business.

I myself, due to my business and personal experiences, I bring my experience of selling and being sold to and advocating and being advocated to when developing anyone’s marketing tools. My goal is to always answer the question for the intended audience, “What’s in it for me?”

Additionally, thanks to our virtual business model we are able to bring top flight Midwestern talent to the table and keep our overhead low which means excellent work for you and even more excellent pricing in most cases.

I take great pride in the creativity within our organization which we put to work on a daily basis for our clients. When I look around the physical area of Jefferson City and Mid-Missouri and see the clip art and Microsoft flyers it makes me even prouder.

Also, we will always admit when tools are not working. If social isn’t clicking for your audience it might not be a fit (although that has yet to happen), if direct mail or traditional shotgun media is a better fit than a landing page campaign we will tell you before making you spend a bunch of money to find out.

Finally, I am not going to be in your face all of the time looking for more work or looking over your shoulder. Our door – real and virtual – is always open and when you need us we will be there. We prefer to be a partner and an asset to our clients and prospects, not a nuisance.