What Services Does The Rocket Group Provide?

Hi friends, Gus Wagner here with The Rocket Group. We get several e-mails a day about the services we offer and the businesses we work with, along with some nutty ones along the way, so we thought we’d answer some of the frequently asked questions we get here.

At this writing we are currently celebrating 12 years of being mid-Missouri’s leader in online marketing innovation, but there are prospective clients that ask us about the services we provide and the special areas of expertise we have, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to dive deeper into this question. 

Since 2001, our accomplished graphic design team has been at the forefront of our services at the Rocket Group. For both print and web needs, our design and web development teams have been continually heralded as one of the best in the region. 

Over the past several years, as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social mediums have moved from startups to household names, social media marketing has become another significant area of focus at The Rocket Group. We have helped businesses of all sizes and even individuals learn to leverage social media as an engagement tool as part of an overarching marketing strategy. In fact, I’m the only four-time certified social media strategist in the mid-Missouri area. 

Another program we run is to build relationships with other enterprises, whether it’s a candidate running for office, or a statewide business organization, AstroNetTurfRoots is our in-house grassroots relationship service. Working from the bottom up and from the top down with messages that meet in the middle, this program ensures that call-to-actions are responded to by all parties involved due to the excitement and dedication to the cause they are working for. 

For a number of years, our bellwether has been political work; having worked on over 400 campaigns over 12 years with an 85% victory rate, we are seasoned veterans. Being in Jefferson City, Missouri we have continuously had an ear to the ground to monitor any winds of political change around the Missouri state legislature and government.

Ultimately, the Rocket Group ties it all together with brand development. Whether it be a Fortune 100 company like MasterCard or Phillips 66 or a local state senate race, we have the expertise, the skills and the dedicated team to enhance your logo, your message and your web presence. So if it’s taking a product to market or getting folks to the voting booth, the Rocket Group has what it takes to launch the success story of your business or campaign. 

Again, my name is Gus Wagner. Welcome aboard The Rocket Group.