What’s The Deal With The Constant Mention Of Your Social Media Certifications?

If it’s one thing I mention repeatedly about myself in presentations or here on the website it’s that I currently carry five social media certifications. The general response is, “So what?”

The certifications I have earned aren’t from Mizzou or Yale, one is from Social Media Marketing University, three are from Social Media Examiner, and the other is from our friends at Hootsuite – which is an ongoing relationship.

There are several reasons I have invested so much time and money into these past classrooms and continuing my education still today:

Things change quickly. All social media platforms change on an almost daily basis due to competition with each other over market share and advertiser dollars. You either pay attention to the changes or fall behind.

In our geographic service area of Jefferson City, Missouri and Mid-Missouri, social media is still gaining acceptance as a practical means of business communication. Having the certifications and years of successful experience I do builds security, trust and authority in our clients.

The education is also an investment in myself, my company and my customers as I put the skills I have acquired to work every day of the year.

Having these certifications does not mean I know it all, but I do feel comfortable in saying I know more than most when it comes to these modern forms of communication. That said, I still learn something new every day.

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