Who Are You?

Another question we frequently get is, “Who Are You?”
My name is Gus Wagner and I am the President.Owner of The Rocket Group. I started the company in 2001 after more than eight years as a sales and marketing manager for two different manufacturing companies in the 90’s and we have been going strong ever since.
Our company was established as a virtual organization since its beginnings. This means I am the only employee and I work with independent contractors to help build and perform our client marketing tools and activities. Nowadays they call this collaboration but I have always looked at it as a way to keep overhead and the cost of doing business low. A side effect of this operations method is our pricing is extremely competitive while our product is top of the line.
The services we offer are many, as marketing covers a lot of areas for the businesses, organizations, and campaigns we work with. We specialize in tools which help our clients communicate online and in the real world with their customers and prospects. I, myself, am also a multiple-certified social media strategist and enjoy working with and training interested parties in the ever-changing abilities of those modern communications platforms.
If you have a question of your own, always feel free to submit it at any time!