How To Make A Good First Impression on Facebook

Did your mom have you clean the house all the time in case “company dropped by” and she wanted to make a good impression? The Facebook page of your business, organization, or non-profit should be treated the same way even though very few are ever going to come by and see it.

99.9{628954cb2bad821921117287c23504a7919be1893c483613421612ad8712cddb} of people will never return to your Facebook page once they have Liked it.

Think about how you use Facebook: you (most likely) scroll through your newsfeed until something from a friend, family member, or brand page catches your eye and you stop. You then move further down the newsfeed or to another site if you clicked a link in whatever caught your eye.

You may have liked Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, or even The Rocket Group, on Facebook but unless you see compelling content from them in your newsfeed you most likely are not going to go to their page directly to see what is up.

The same is true of your fans. If they do not see you in the newsfeed, then they are not thinking, Liking, Sharing, or commenting about your company, organization, or non-profit.

This is why you have to post to Facebook. And post to Facebook. And post to Facebook.

Actually, this is why you should have a plan and strategy in place for what your business, organization, or non-profit is going to post to Facebook. Posting for the sake of posting will only get you so far. If your content is not relevant to your fans, is not connected to your general mission, or is just junk (think cat pictures when you have nothing to do with cats), you are not going to move anyone to interact with you on Facebook or to do business with you in the real world.

What you should be posting to Facebook

You will see and hear a continuing theme of “Educate, Inform, and Entertain” in our words, pictures, and videos here on this site and on our social media channels. Our goal with all of our content it to fit one of those three keywords. If our content isn’t teaching you something you did not know, informing you of an opportunity, or at the very least making you smile and think, we have let you down. We recommend you do the same with your content for your audience.

What else should you be doing to clean up your Facebook page?

  • Go to the “About” section and answer as many of the questions as possible. This will help any newcomers to learn more about you…including your parking situation!
  • Make sure your profile and cover images are readable, to size, and representative of your business. Need help with your sizes and ideas? Use a mostly-free tool like Canva to easily guide you through the process.
  • You should also make plans at least once a week – at a minimum – to go on Facebook as your brand page. Scroll your pages newsfeed and Like, comment, and Share with the pages you are connected to as your brand. Don’t Like any pages as your brand? What the heck are you waiting for?

Doing these simple things will help you create a good, nay, great first impression to new company or that 1{628954cb2bad821921117287c23504a7919be1893c483613421612ad8712cddb} or so that may come by to check up on you. Also, all the moms will be proud of you!

Got any questions? Feel free to ask in the comments below or connect with us on our social media channels anytime!

Gus Wagner

Gus Wagner is the President.Owner of The Rocket Group – an award-winning marketing and communications firm headquartered in Jefferson City, Missouri which serves clients across North America. The Rocket Group has specialized in building effective tools across traditional means and new media for clients in businesses, organizations, and nonprofits since 2001. Gus is also a five-time certified Social Media Strategist, a former Chief of Staff in the Missouri State Senate, a retired national champion amateur hockey coach, and a would like to be a singer/songwriter.