Optimize Your LinkedIn Headline

One of the easiest things to do on LinkedIn is to optimize your headline. Yet is is overlooked by too many users as a way to introudce themselves.
Throughout these early days of the #31DaysofLinkedIn, the theme of optimization has come up repeatedly in our research. There are many features you can put to greater benefit for greater interaction on LinkedIn but one of the most visible and effective parts is the headline.

What is the headline on LinkedIn?

Simple answer: It’s the words underneath your name on your profile.
Longer answer: It’s the description located underneath your name which you can put the key words and phrases about yourself, your skills, and your profession. You can be as straight-laced or personable as you prefer to be in this section but remember its a first impression many LinkedIn users and search engine searchers will get from you.
TL; DR: You’ve got 120 characters to make a first (or continuing) impression to a searching visitor enough to make them click through to the rest of your profile…and possibly the rest of your professional life.
Question for you: Who are some LinkedIn users you have seen with super-cool or super-practical LinkedIn headlines? Share them in the comments below or on social media with the #31DaysOfLinkedIn tag.
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