MasterCard/Master Your Card Social Media

Master Your Card – Missouri is a pilot project which built a bridge between the financially underserved and MasterCard, creating financial empowerment and inclusion faster than government can through policies and nonprofits can through education and advocacy alone. The project also aims to enhance best practices for utilizing credit, prepaid, and debit transactions for businesses, individuals, and governments.

While we, with our partners Neimand Collaborative and The Rhoads Company, worked on many facets of the campaign, one key effort was in social media. Through daily content creation and delivery, live event activation, and advocacy we built a social media audience of thousands of Missourians on Facebook and Twitter which help to promote our mission and events, raise awareness of the program with key stakeholders, and serve as a resource for the public across our state.

The Rocket Group performed content creation, image search and creation, and content management for this part of the project. We were also involved in grassroots constructionevent management, influencer outreach, and brand management all across Missouri. 

Work we did for this client:  Social media