• Friends Don’t Let Friends Throw Signs Away

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    Today, April 5th, is another election day in Missouri. Tomorrow, hopefully, will be another cycle of trying to remember where all of your campaign signs are so you can remove them from the public eye.

    For various reasons, not all of them will get recaptured. These feral signs become an eyesore to passers-by and cause voters to become reluctant to place signs in their yards when they are asked. I personally know of several signs from the loyal opposition from the 2010 election that are still up almost six months later.

    Of those that do get picked up, most will be tossed in the trash. Which compounds the problems as many candidates have chosen to go with coroplast signs. Archeologists 1000 years from now will find Obama/McCain signs in landfills in perfect condition. These things do not break down.

    We are proud to say no client of The Rocket Group will be choking up the environment with signs we designed and contracted printing on. Our signs are cardboard and coated with a degradable coating that will break down in a landfill.  Better yet, our candidates have a very good winning percentage and usually use their signs for re-election campaigns.

    Regardless of your outcome tonight, please find a better use for your leftover signs than landfill fodder.

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  • An Interview with NASCAR’s Ryan Newman

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    Before the Price Chopper 500 at the Kansas Speedway in October 2010, I was able to interview NASCAR’s Ryan Newman, then of the #39 Go Army Chevrolet team, about how he and his staff use social media to connect and market to his fans. You can view the video below. – Gus

  • Missouri Chamber Executives

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    Hello Chamber of Commerce executives from across Missouri!

    I had a great time meeting, hanging out, and talking social media with you all last week. As promised here are the slides and videos from my two presentations. Remember, the 30 Days of free help, troubleshooting, and consultation that are open to you until the end of October (I just extended it!). We’re #HereToHelp and want to see you launch greater success stories with your social media!

    First session: Social Media for Individuals

    (Due to a technical issue with the camera, the entire speech was not recorded)

    Second Session: Social Media for Chambers of Commerce



    Educate, Inform, Entertain 

    #TRGrules  (Introduced for the first time anywhere! More info here)

    Social Media Platforms 

    Facebook 500m Posts Review 

    Answers to Questions 

    Outside a Box 


    Success Stories & Tools 

    30 Days 

    Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the items we discussed at CCEM15! 

    Thanks for the time!
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  • Mo Hospital Association Center for Education: Social Media

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    Thank you for having me present at the MHA Center for Education conference on April 21, 2016. I had a great time and have had some very nice follow-up conversations with several attendees. If you have any questions about the presentation, the topics discussed, or social media marketing for recruiting in general, feel free to reach out at any time!

  • Ozarks Member Services #OzarkComms Follow Up

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    Thanks for having me down to talk Twitter and social media with you on December 10th in Branson. Andy, Nip, and I are looking forward to the next steps with everyone. Below are the videos and slides from the presentation and some helpful links. Please let me know if you have any questions at any time about the management program or social media in general!
    ARC media

  • #CornRoots 2015 with Gus Wagner and The Rocket Group

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    Thanks for having me be a part of the #CornRoots effort (again). Feel free to reach out at any time during your advocacy careers if you need any help or advice. Talk soon!


  • Missouri Electric Cooperatives Social Media Presentation

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    Gus Wagner discusses social media at the 101 and 201 levels with the Missouri Electric Cooperatives on February 8, 2016. Unedited video of the presentation is below and presentation slides are above. Be sure to connect at as well!